On Site Signage

Often, the sign in front of your business is the first impression your customers encounter of the level of professionalism and commitment they will receive inside. A well-designed sign presents a positive image that suggests quality products or services. That may mean presenting an understated, polished look for a professional office, or a bold message in lights announcing the arrival of a new hot product at a retail establishment. Either way, having a sign that reflects the character of your business can be a valuable tool in enticing customers to walk through your door.

At George Lay Signs, we can put our experience to work matching your needs with an ideal sign solution. Our capabilities place few limitations on the types and sizes of signs we can manufacture, allowing us to design and fabricate unique signs that communicate the name, nature and benefits of your business.

Lighted Signs

Back in the 1960s, George Lay recognized that plastics were quickly overtaking neon as the preferred material for business signs. Today, George Lay Signs uses both plastic and aluminum materials for internally lighted signs. Whether mounted on your building, or as a freestanding monument or pylon sign, internally lighted signs are a preferred choice for business signage.

Electronic Message Signs

Years back, we would say "let us put your name in lights" and we’d do it with bulbs, plastic and neon. Today with electronic message signs we can put your name, your photos, and the message you want to give your customer on your sign – from text and photos, through full video capabilities. Just as computers have revolutionized our businesses, they can now turn your sign into a powerful sales tool for your business. George Lay Signs represents leading LED message sign manufacturers, and provides the installation and training to bring you a great return on your investment in this exciting technology.

Lighted Letters

Lighted letters have become a popular choice of signage for national and local retailers and for institutional users. These letters include front lit with plastic faces, front lit with exposed neon, and halo-lit letters for an understated look. Lighted letters may utilize neon, fluorescent or LEDs as the light source.

Architectural & Non-Illuminated Signs

Although our main focus is electric signs, we also produce and install signs for businesses fabricated from aluminum, wood, foam, plastics, and composites. These signs include basic wood and metal signs with vinyl and painted graphics, directional and wayfinding signs, and dimensional signs using a variety of decorative materials.

Metal & Plastic Letters

Individual letters are available in a variety of materials. Formed or flat cut out plastic letters offer an economical choice in a variety of colors and finishes. Metal letters are available in many materials including aluminum, bronze, brass and stainless steel. Whether it’s for something as simple as your address, or a custom fabricated logo, let George Lay Signs help you select the letters that best fit your needs.