When it comes to selling your product or service, nothing can beat the bold, larger-than-life images that can be printed on today’s billboards. From a ten-foot-tall, mouth-watering taco to a 12-foot-tall gold watch, billboards provide unparalleled impact and flexibility, delivering messages that can’t be ignored — and can’t be matched by radio, newspaper or other media. Billboards can include directions on how to reach a business, or focus primarily on image building, brand awareness and name recognition. The applications are limitless.

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Wichita Metro Area

George Lay Signs offers advertising within the Wichita metropolitan area, offering 21 fully lighted 14′ x 48′ billboards on some of the busiest thoroughfares in Wichita. In addition, we offer 12 smaller bulletins throughout the metro area, ranging in size from 10′ x 20′ to 12′ x 24′.

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Highway Billboards

George Lay Signs offers highway billboards leading into dozens of central and eastern Kansas towns. These bulletins range in size from 6′ x 10′ through 12′ x 40′.

Highway billboard locations are available through George Lay Signs Inc. in the Kansas counties indicated. For specific locations and traffic information, please contact us.


Highway Billboard Map