Welcome to George Lay Signs

Signs play many roles in our daily lives

They tell us where to go and how to get there. They tell us about businesses, reflecting the quality and level of service to expect inside. They entice us to try new products and remind us of old favorites waiting to be rediscovered. Signs enlighten, educate and inform us every day, delivering messages efficiently and effectively to entire markets.

At George Lay Signs, we believe in the power of signage as a primary marketing tool. That’s why we offer a variety of sign options to meet any need. Our electric signs can reinforce a positive image for your business, encouraging customers to walk through your door. Billboards can help put your message where your customers are, building awareness and motivating them to respond.

George Lay Signs serves a variety of local, regional, and national customers, providing sign solutions tailored to get results. We can do the same for your business. All you have to do is … Buy George!

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